NSK-Compatible Self-Contained LED Coupler

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NSK-Compatible Self-Contained LED Coupler
This brilliant new design works like any other highspeed handpiece coupler, but contains its own air-powered LED light source. Simply install this coupler on the end of any 4-hole, 5-hole or 6-pin dental tubing and it generates its own bright LED light using the same air pressure which runs your handpiece. Lights up when being used and turns off instantly when not in use. No additional set up or equipment needed!  Does not reduce power to the handpiece.
  • The Newest Technology Saves You Money $$
  • Self Contained LED Fiber Optic Light
  • Directs drive-air, water and chip-air to the handpiece
  • No Expensive Light Control Needed
  • Works on any standard handpiece Tubing
  • Fits NSK air-driven attachments/handpieces
  • Easy to Change Long Life LED Bulb
  • Extra Bright LED Bulb
  • Compare at $349
  • Warranty 1 Year 

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