SciCan E-STATIS Advantage Electric Handpiece Motor

by SciCan
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SciCan E-STATIS Advantage Electric Handpiece Motor

This listing is for the SLM Motor only (E-Statis complete system which includes this motor also available on this site)

Products in the E-STATIS Family come equipped with the new and advanced E-STATIS SLM (Short, LED, Micromotor). The SLM is 35% shorter and lighter than today’s current motors. The E-STATIS Advantage offers a range of customizable settings for both operative and endodontic procedures. The E-STATIS Prep offers customizable settings for up to 8 preparatory procedures. And last but not least, the remarkable touch screen control is detachable for modular placement.

Key features

  • Three year motor warranty.
  • Fully autoclavable motor.
  • Brushless technology – greatly reduces service requirements.
  • One of the shortest & lightest torque-controlled dental motors in the world - weighs only 62 grams.
  • Adjustable LED light for unsurpassed visibility.

 Touch pad display (on E-Statis system)

  • User friendly display menu.
  • Customizable operative modes
  • Displays actual bur rotational speed
  • Surface disinfectants do not affect the screen as it is completely sealed

Customizable settings (on E-Statis system)

  • 3 customizable operative modes
  • Programmable motor torque accommodates all rotary file requirements*
  • 5 customizable endo settings auto-stop; auto-reverse; auto-forward; auto-reverse-forward*
  • Presets of all common handpiece transmissions plus two customizable transmissions.

             ****SciCan equipment is only available with 100 miles of the Washington DC area****

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